Token Art Token

Doug Rosman

Token Art Token is, on one level, a new generative art work, where each of its nearly infinite iterations is an image: a randomly generated grid of squares with a randomly chosen color palette. Anyone can generate and own a unique Token Art Token, for the small price of a transaction fee on the Ethereum blockchain. The supply of Token Art Tokens is virtually infinite and their prices are identical, certifying Token Art Tokens as truly democratic works of art. Generate and own your Token Art Token today!

On another level, Token Art Token is an experiment in aestheticizing uniqueness. As individual art objects, the patterns that are generated for each token are rather unremarkable: inoffensive modernist compositions of arbitrarily chosen grid sizes and colors. Blockchain technology, through its ability to guarantee the uniqueness of digital art objects, has been billed as–among many other potential use-cases–the digital platform arts commerce has always needed. While there are many blockchain-based start-ups vying to be THE universal provenance tracker for real-world art objects, natively digital art work has found itself right at home being traded and collected as non-fungible crypto-assets. While Token Art Tokens self-identify as Art, their existence is defined not by their function as art objects, but by their ability to be tokenized.