Everyone Will Be An Artist

Jason Zhao

A functioning vending machine selling unique works of art for $3 each.
Artworks obtained through open calls posted on online hiring platforms. Each worker/artist was paid upfront to make art on various socially conscious topics. They are paid again if the vending machine sells their work, with 95% of the profits going directly to them. All elements of artwork (title, statement, artwork, etc) uncensored and unedited. All artworks are on a 4” X 5” print, edition of one. Site-specific, to be installed in the lobby of a co-working building if possible.

vending machine, money, touchscreen, credit card terminal, signs, online hiring platforms, and
-100 artworks against racism,
-100 artworks against xenophobia,
-100 artworks against sexual violence,
-100 artworks against tyranny,
-100 artworks against gun violence,
-100 artworks against pollution,
-100 artworks against exploitation,