Dissolve Chicago

David Steinberg and Supreme Hinton

Dissolve Chicago takes a look at the Windy City filmed from a height of 70 meters out over Promonotory Point. Ths 34 second clip is comprised of two shots, combined via a technique called "datamoshing". During the clip, a drone propellor is in view because David and Supreme filmed it on an incredibly windy day. The video's resolution is only 720p because Supreme's laptop was not capable of rendering at higher resolution, and the video file itself is only playable on some devices that support the datamoshing technique - others just call it corrupted and refuse to open the file. The datamoshing effect coupled with lower resolution and the drone blade are all a corruption of what could be under normal circumstances a plain video of Chicago on a sunny, beautiful day. The physical and digital impact of the circumstances by which this video was created yield an uncomfortable effect that can leave the viewer uneasy, waiting for the pixels to settle. It is a video produced by both intention of Supreme and David and by circumstance, physical and digital. Supreme sent the final cut of the video to David with the filename "FinalLemon.mp4".